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.:Name:. Neena Thurman, alias Domino
.:Occupation:. Mercenary
.:Status:. Widowed
.:Mutant Ability:. Probability Manipulation

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My questions

What’s the thread or piece of writing you’re most proud of (and can we have a link)?

The large Second Coming plot we did with the entire RP group we had at the time will stick with me forever. It was over a week of almost non-stop, tear-jerking, epic RP. The story from Hope’s point of view can be found here. Especially Cable’s funeral was something I’m still proud of. As for Neena, it’s the story that’s linked on my blog under marital status: widowed, which explains how she had to make the choice to kill her husband to save countless lives.
In what ways do you relate to your muse?

Sass, attitude, sense of humor, approach of situations, taste in men, I’ve been doing martial arts and practicing marksmanship for quite some time now—-I can relate to her pretty well :’) Oh, and I prefer glocks for weapons. Dual-wielded, preferably.

How do you get into the headspace of your muse?

We pretty much share headspace. While I know the difference of IC and OOC, Neena’s pretty easy to have pop up whenever I need her for writing. Convenient~
Is there a thread or topic you’ve been dying to write about but haven’t yet had the opportunity to write? What is it?

Pretty much anything involving the idea me and iverunoutoftime had for cabino babies; the thread isn’t all that far along yet (and neither is Neena’s pregnancy in the thread), but there’ll be a lot of moments I’ll be very excited to write about, just because it’s so different for them to deal with. That, and interaction with Nate’s parents or friends about the subject would be really fun to do.
Is your muse also your favourite character?

Definitely. So much so that she’s the character I have the most cosplays for and enjoy cosplaying most. I don’t think that’ll change in the foreseeable future.
Is there anything which influences how you play your character?

I tend to try and follow comic canon with a little twist of my own, and I’m always looking to explore different angles of my character. Also, I don’t ship Domino and Deadpool as some comic writers or RPers seem to do, so I guess that’s a major influence as well.
What is your favourite memory from RP?

The group chat we had for our RP group was always fun, the Second Coming plot—-pffft, there were so many.
Do you play many other characters?

Too many to name :P
What are your plans for Halloween, if any?

I don’t really celebrate Halloween, though I usually do a small celebration for Samhain. It’s not a commonly celebrated holiday in the Netherlands, though it’s becoming increasingly popular.
What are your muse’s plans for Halloween?

Not a clue :’) Any ideas?
What’s your favourite scary movie?

Insidious. I love scary movies about ghosts, not so much the gory movies though.

I’m too scatter-brained to write new questions, so I don’t think I have the right to tag new people in this, but if anyone wants to answer these questions as well, go for it!

Also, dammit, I accidentally answered the previous questions too so I’ll put them under a cut so I didn’t type all those answers up for nothing xD

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Send “Can I kiss you?” to see how my muse responds.

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"Whoa——you ain’t supposed to be here. This place is about to blow in a couple minutes. I’d get outta here if I were you."

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Fine is a terrible word for the situation she’s been in, but she uses it anyway, lacking any sense of irony and trading it for defenses she hopes no one penetrates.
                                 ”I’m fine. Really, jus’ broke up a fight. This is all mine, wounds already healed up. I’m gonna take a shower.”

It wasn’t all hers at all. But Hollywood really dropped the ball with her.

It’d been quite some time since the two had last seen each other—-in fact, with superhuman shitstorms almost continuously hitting the fan, Neena had stopped keeping track of just how long it had been. That didn’t mean she’d lost track of their friendship, however.

What was supposed to be a casual visit would clearly be far from that, as made apparent the moment the lucky merc spotted the blood dripping from—-well, several of Jubilee’s limbs, her hands in particular. And then there was the ‘fine’. She’d heard that so many times, hell, she’d used it one too many a time herself. And she wasn’t sure if she believed in ‘fine’ anymore.

"You sure ‘bout that? You don’t look very fine. What happened?"

The not looking very fine was a bit of an understatement, but emotionally, it was a wild guess. She couldn’t possibly assume to know what Jubes was feeling there and then…but it didn’t look like rainbows and sunshine to her. Not in the slightest.

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Domino’s new suit by Tarakanovich

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send me ♪ ♫ ♪ and I’ll put together a mixtape of at least five songs my muse would put together for yours!


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"Please do not exaggerate, it only makes your feeble intelligence look smaller. Trust me, that has to be difficult to do. Though I must admit, the delay was caused by a small fire. I made a new mixture that forces a person-or in this case, a rat-to spontaneous combust,"

"You do realize I’m the second-in-command while Nate’s busy being Mr. Grouchypants-I’m-Busy, right? I could have you up and packin’ in no time if you keep talking smack to me like that, Doc. Plus, I ain’t your regular dimwitted triggerhappy team-member; Lady Luck’s got smarts—-something you should be aware of by now, too.

Anyway…try not to set the base on fire, will’ya? And I’m pretty sure our HQ doesn’t need a security code, what with it being filled with armed-to-the-teeth off-the-grid lunatic professionals, y’know.”

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"It’s about damn time, I’ve been waiting for you to buzz me in for eternity-and-a-half. —-May or may not have forgotten the password to your grand master scheme security shebang."

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